Japanese Cartoon Fleece Harness+Leash

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  • Made of extra soft fabric, mesh padded designed inner is comfortable and breathable, give the better wearing experience to your kitten.

  • Four-point dispersive pull design, disperse the pull when starting, so that the cat must be comfortable and will not make the cat feel uncomfortable.

  • No buckles but the adjustable fixture which is very secure and safe for your loving kitten. 

  • The adjustable straps around the harness allow you to quickly customize the vest to your cat's tiny frame, so that he/she won't slip out easily or even get lost during outdoor adventures. 

Note: No harness is inherently 100% escape-proof. Only collar which may present a choking hazard can make it. You need to wait until the harness will act as a safety mechanism rather than a tool to drag your cat around with.